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Long-Term Care & Elder Law

The healthcare industry is currently under siege from an alarming increase in the number of “elder abuse” claims that are being pursued against long-term care facilities, acute care facilities and individual physicians. This crisis is particularly severe for skilled nursing facilities, residential care facilities for the elderly, and other facilities dedicated to providing care and treatment to elder and dependent care patients. The attorneys in the Long-Term Care & Elder Law Practice at Lewis Brisbois are both knowledgeable and appreciative of the unique issues faced by one of the most regulated and scrutinized industries in the United States, and have successfully represented the interests of facilities operated by large multi-state and regional management companies, as well as by individual owners.

Lewis Brisbois has one of the largest Long-Term Care & Elder Law practices in the United States, with attorneys who concentrate on this field in many of our offices nationwide. Our attorneys have successfully defended the interests of healthcare professionals and we have extensive resources and access to well qualified specialists in the many healthcare disciplines, i.e., skilled nursing, facility administration, geriatrics, wound care, infectious disease, orthopedic, etc. We have immediate access to specialists with unique experience in providing care and treatment to elderly and dependent adult patients. Our attorneys have also effectively promoted the interest of long-term healthcare industry at the appellate level.

We regularly provide accredited continuing education seminars on “Elder Abuse Litigation” to attorneys and to in-service programs for staff members of skilled nursing facilities throughout the country. We have unique experience in responding to Department of Health Services citations, minimizing the admissibility of citation contents, as well as statements of deficiencies and annual surveys in civil actions. Most importantly, attorneys in our firm have a unique understanding of the challenges facing the long-term care industry and have the necessary conviction in their representation of owners and operators, administrators and staff members of skilled nursing facilities essential in effectively responding to the typical inflammatory allegations pursued by many crusading plaintiff attorneys.


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