A Time for Reflection: Advisen’s 2020 Cyber Law Firm of the Year Award

Lewis Brisbois' Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Team recently received Advisen’s 2020 “Cyber Law Firm of the Year” award for the second year in a row. We are proud of this accomplishment and grateful for Advisen’s recognition, as well as the dedication of our attorneys and industry partners. Receiving this honor provides us with more than simply a reason to celebrate, though. It also gives us a chance to reflect upon the work that we performed last year and to determine how best to serve our clients in the future.

Lessons Learned

Over the last year, our team handled more than one thousand data security incidents, including some of the largest and most complex in the world. In doing so, we learned many lessons and confirmed many important truths about the world of cybersecurity, frequently sharing that wisdom on this very platform.

For example, we confirmed the critical importance of a swift response to cyber attacks and the value of Lewis Brisbois' 24/7 Data Breach Response Team to our clients. This team, which has doubled in size over the past year, has helped clients from all types of organizations take essential steps in addressing breaches of all magnitudes. Whether a healthcare entityaccounting firmmanufacturer, or anything in between, we understand the vulnerabilities our clients' organizations face and how they can best protect themselves from the myriad cyber attacks that bad actors present.

This brings us to another important lesson: keeping up with the latest trends in cyber threats. Over the past year, we've written about the rise in ransomware attacks against managed service providers, and tracked more specific threats like the Maze variant. We've also kept our clients and readers of this blog abreast of seasonal cybersecurity trends, such as the risks associated with online holiday shopping and tax return e-filing.

In addition to this trend monitoring, our team understands the importance of tracking legislative developments in data privacy and cybersecurity law. The patchwork of rules and regulations across the country can make cyber incident response incredibly complex for organizations that cross state borders, which is why our team constantly monitors state and federal regulatory developments, frequently publishing legislative alerts and in-depth analyses on major pieces of legislation, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

Finally, we recognize the value that our clients place on our proactive services, including policy and procedure development, third-party technology contract reviews, and guidance concerning compliance with domestic and foreign cybersecurity regulations. We were pleased to see that our clients regularly accessed our digital resources in these areas, including our interactive maps of breach notification statutes and related handbook and app, and of course, this blog.

The Future

As our team looks ahead, we expect that the cybersecurity landscape will continue to shift, with organizations facing new challenges every day. Whether dealing with increased cyber risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the alarming rise in state-sponsored cyber attacks, or the dangerous increase in encryption attacks in which stolen information is used to extort businesses, we will stand with our clients, helping them to protect their businesses, navigate breach incidents, and achieve their goals.

Read the full announcement regarding the team's success at Advisen's 2020 Cyber Risk Awards and view their pre-recorded acceptance speech here. 

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