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Government Affairs & Public Policy

The Government Affairs & Public Policy Practice at Lewis Brisbois develops effective lobbying and government relations strategies at the federal, state, and local level. Our Washington DC-based attorneys provide inside the beltway, strategic business advice, and access to key decision-makers to help clients achieve their business goals.

Our attorneys have decades of experience obtaining federal funding and authorizations for various industry sectors. We assist clients with drafting and understanding legislation, navigating the federal agencies and programs, identifying, and securing federal funding and tax benefits. We will work with your team to construct a government relations plan designed to achieve your business objectives.

Our clients succeed using the most cost-efficient methods. Where appropriate, the Government Affairs & Public Policy Practice builds coalitions with trade and business associations, government officials, and nonprofit organizations to enhance effectiveness.

From time to time, resolution of complex issues requires legislative direction. Lewis Brisbois' attorneys draft and interpret legislative and regulatory language, and actively engage with legislators and other government officials to tackle issues facing Lewis Brisbois' clients.

Our attorneys will:

  • Represent clients before federal agencies, Congress, and state and local regulatory authorities
  • Obtain federal funding and authorizations
  • Lobby on specific legislative or regulatory proposals
  • Draft legislation to achieve client business objectives
  • Build coalitions and supplement clients' existing lobbying capability
  • Assist clients who wish to do business with governmental agencies
  • Advise on campaign finance issues


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