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Lewis Brisbois is known for its commitment to principled advocacy, an unflinching work ethic, and unyielding recognition of our duty to provide the highest level of service to clients who choose us because we understand their business interests and culture.

The Lewis Brisbois eDiscovery Practice, through our proprietary approach to litigation management processes via our firm’s CE2eDS (Cost Effective, Cutting Edge eDiscovery Solutions) program, supports and confirms that commitment. Our primary goal is to keep the cost of examining the exponentially increasing volume of electronic data associated with modern litigation affordable. As a result, our clients are able to take advantage of the people, process, and technology that avoids or reduces expenses impacting their bottom line.

How do we do it? We start by determining what is proportional to the issues in the case in terms of data volume and total eDiscovery spend. We do not let data volume alone define eDiscovery spend. Finding the likely responsive data without looking at non-responsive information and looking at only as much likely responsive data as is justified from a cost benefit analysis is the goal. Workflows apply analytics to data while it still exists as extracted text and metadata. This avoids bloating the data with unnecessary processing and keeps the data footprint as small as possible. We only promote for review the data that can be reviewed in the current month and non-responsive data is moved to low cost storage. We stop review when a defensible volume of data has been analyzed. This is a unique and cost-effective approach compared to many of our peers. The industry standard is to process all eDiscovery data as soon as it is received, which often results in large volumes of non-responsive data being processed and hosted at high costs while nothing is being done with it. This can be as unproductive as renting a suite at the Ritz and sleeping at a Motel 6. This is one reason why overall eDiscovery costs can skyrocket far past initial budget estimates.

The CE2eDS approach starts from a wiser position of strength. Our team delivers the right technology for the project because the first thing we do is ask the fundamental questions to help accurately identify and determine low cost options without sacrificing functionality or operational skill. We then leverage any number of the exclusive deals we maintain with more than 30 technology providers throughout the eDiscovery space.  Some are software development companies, some offer outsourced review, others offer full service collection to production, and many fall in between.  We have strong and ongoing relationships with the senior management at all of them. These relationships allow us to get custom solutions not available to others, and to give our clients the best price while developing a unique, collaborative, and cost effective workflow. When needed, we create virtual eDiscovery technology providers using the strengths of two or more companies to provide optimal solutions to clients.

Litigation preparedness and use of proven, cost effective workflows means our clients’ eDiscovery costs will not break the bank. By constantly monitoring costs and evaluating new technologies, Lewis Brisbois is able to identify better ways to address ever evolving data challenges, whether they arise in the governance and compliance, data security and protection, or litigation readiness and eDiscovery areas. We look forward to helping you achieve similar savings.

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