Michael Platner Interviewed by Authority Magazine on Building, Scaling, and Preparing a Business for Exit

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (April 16, 2024) – Fort Lauderdale Managing Partner Michael G. Platner recently spoke with Authority Magazine on the crucial aspects of building and scaling a business in the interview titled "Michael Platner of ‘Going Liquid’ on Five Things You Need to Know if You Want to Build, Scale, and Prepare Your Business for a Lucrative Exit." 

In the discussion with Authority Magazine, Mr. Platner delved into the essential strategies and mindsets for entrepreneurs navigating the challenging landscape of business growth. He emphasized that, "Understanding the market and audience before embarking on any business venture is crucial." Additionally, he highlighted agility, leveraging technology, building strong teams, and prioritizing customer satisfaction as key strategies for success. 

Furthermore, Mr. Platner discusses the pivotal role of technology in driving business growth, stating, "Leveraging technology tools and platforms to streamline operations and enhance efficiency is essential." He encourages entrepreneurs to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advancements and integrate them strategically into their business strategies to scale effectively. Overall, Mr. Platner's expertise offers invaluable guidance for entrepreneurs navigating the complexities of business growth.

Mr. Platner serves as chair of Lewis Brisbois’ national Corporate Practice and co-chair of its Securities & Corporate Finance Practice. He works with clients to develop and execute business savvy legal strategies for businesses from an early stage through maturity, sale, and merger. “Going Liquid” workshops provide actionable advice to business owners who want to position their businesses successfully for growth, value creation, and ultimate liquidity events.

Read the full interview here.

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