Elizabeth Dill, Christopher Ballod Quoted in Legaltech GDPR Article

(December 27, 2018) – Philadelphia Partners Elizabeth Dill and Christopher Ballod were recently quoted in an article from Legaltech news, part of The article, titled “The GDPR’s Biggest Influence on Global Privacy May be Through Commerce,” discusses the trend of other countries adopting regulations similar to those found in Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the forces behind this shift.

“People are really concerned about complying with [the GDPR]. It’s the new hot topic, and it’s just so comprehensive and there are so many provisions to it that it’s still on the forefront of everyone’s mind, because there’s so many aspects of compliance,” said Ms. Dill.

The article also focused on California as a weather vane for this change. “We spend a lot of time even with American companies who have little contact with Europe at this point getting them GDPR ready,” said Mr. Ballod, “because they want to do business and continue to do business in California, or because they have plans to do business or market to European customers.”

As often happens, though, the regulation will likely lag behind the rapid pace of technological change.

“I think law is actually going to reflect reality as opposed to reality reflecting law,” said Mr. Ballod.

Read the full article here (subscription may be required).

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