Civil Rights & Police Litigation Defense Task Force

Serving as one of our communities’ law enforcement officers is hard work. The dedicated and selfless public service that our law enforcement officers provide to our citizens is dangerous and can be unforgiving. When unfortunate outcomes with civilians result in lawsuits being brought against the agencies and officers, police agencies and officers often feel under siege and alone. When those civil rights lawsuits arise, however, our brave police officers and agencies are not alone, because we are here to defend them.

Lewis Brisbois’ Civil Rights & Police Litigation Defense Task Force includes a multi-disciplinary, nationwide team of veteran, dedicated, and industry-leading police practices trial attorneys and appellate advocates who are highly experienced in all matters of federal and state civil rights and police litigation defense cases. 

No matter what type of case is being brought against your law enforcement officers and agencies, our nationwide task force of widely-acclaimed trial attorneys is here to help you to build the strongest possible civil case for trial, to argue your appeal, or to assist you in resolving problematic lawsuits.

Our extensive experience runs the full gamut of law enforcement civil rights cases, including:

  • Officer-involved shooting (OIS) incidents – both fatal and non-fatal
  • SWAT deployments & tactical team incidents – both fatal and non-fatal
  • Prone & restraint-related, alleged asphyxial death incidents
  • TASER force incidents – both fatal and non-fatal 
  • K9 dog bite incidents 
  • Pepper/OC spray incidents
  • Baton, impact weapon, & manual strike incidents
  • Disputed causation of death police force incidents 
  • False arrest & unlawful detention incidents 
  • Jail/prison medical cases
  • And many other 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and comparable state law police/civil rights cases.

Moreover, because our team is composed of veteran trial attorneys who regularly try cases to today’s juries, we not only understand the often unfavorable juror climate that law enforcement officers face. We work diligently in all phases of the case – from initial pleadings and investigation, through discovery and particularly depositions, in our motions and mediations, and at trial or appeal – to help our client law enforcement officers and agencies to allow the truth surrounding their incidents to emerge. We use every available resource to educate today’s jurors about the dangerous realities faced by our law enforcement officers as they strive to protect each of us.

Furthermore, because we are constantly keeping abreast of the latest developments concerning how today’s jurors respond to various incident fact patterns, and because we have tried so many police cases to juries, we can soberly and straightforwardly advise our clients as to which cases present favorable risks for trial versus those which present unreasonable risks to the officers and agency. While our attorneys specialize in trial and appellate advocacy, we can also help you navigate early resolution when the facts are not as favorable as desired.

With our extensive experience in trial of police litigation, and our impressive track record of wins before juries and on appeal, our nationwide Civil Rights & Police Litigation Defense Task Force stands ready to defend you in court and to help you achieve a favorable outcome.


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  • Dana Alden Fox (Partner) -, 213.680.5104

Vice Chairs

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