Ukraine Conflict Response

The Ukraine conflict and the imposition of trade restrictions and sanctions on Russian companies and individuals have generated a host of complex issues for businesses in the United States and abroad.

Time-critical questions that companies are facing include force majeure provisions in contracts, compliance with sanctions and trade restrictions, mergers and acquisitions (and implications of potential nationalizations of facilities), bankruptcies, property seizures and forfeitures, investment disputes, impacts on financial institutions and services, payments systems limitations, cybersecurity threats and response, insurance matters and risks, securities disclosures, compliance and defenses, foreign investment limitations, government investigations and white collar defense, intellectual property and technology, real estate transactions, and related litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Businesses in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and other third-party countries are adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances and need expert legal help in assessing and managing their risks.

Lewis Brisbois’ attorneys are experienced, trusted advisors in all the critical legal areas thrust onto center stage by this international crisis. The firm has extensive knowledge of how business and the law work in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and CIS, including native language speakers, and we are well positioned to advise clients in answering questions that need urgent attention. 

Lewis Brisbois' attorneys have significant experience dealing with the US Export and Import Controls laws and regulations and OFAC, BIS and US Department of State sanctions related to Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, China and other countries, as well as providing compliance advice to the companies and responding to the US DOJ investigations.

Representative Matters

  • Assist US telecommunications company in connection with the US export controls and U.S. Russia/Ukraine sanctions legal advice related to the acquisition of the telecommunications software and tech services provided by the Russian tech personnel and related payments and bank transfers to Russia
  • Advise global technology company regarding comprehensive sanctions compliance policy
  • Advising international metals and plastics company on the application of U.S.-Russia sanctions to their sales
  • Advising U.S. technology company on acquisition and sales in China and Middle East, and the application of U.S.-Russia sanctions to their transactions
  • Advising oil and gas pipe manufacturer in connection with the US direct and secondary sanctions applications on the supply of their products and payment related issues
  • Advising oil and gas service company in connection with the acquisition of US energy sanctions to the provision of services to Russian oil and gas producer
  • Advising client regarding breach of contract claims and dispute resolution related to refinery project in Belarus
  • Advising chemical technology company in connection with the application of the US-Russia sanctions on transactions in the Middle East and Asia
  • Providing U.S. nonprofit, with a multi-million dollar portfolio, AML and U.S. sanctions advice related to the transfer of funds and goods to non-profit organizations and other groups in Ukraine and Eastern Europe
  • Advising client and conducting due diligence on aircraft acquisition involving Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania, including ensuring compliance with Russian anti-sanctions laws and U.S. asset-forfeiture laws
  • Advising NY Stock Exchange-traded international corporation on sanctions issues affecting exports to and transactions with entities located in Russia and several foreign countries
  • Advising professional services client on applicability of new sanctions on engineering services to proposed consulting work in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and other FSU states
  • Advising international client on contract termination issues with sanctioned entities, including implications under Russian anti-sanctions law
  • Counseling client on scope of sanctions against imports of petroleum and products of petroleum distillation from Russia
  • Advising multiple clients on legal aspects of new or continuing sales of products in Russia
  • Advising client on diligence requirements with respect to alternative sources of materials
  • Advising client on sanctions compliance questions involved in multi-level supply chain transaction
  • Advising client on scope of sanctions and its applicability to the import of products from Russia and potential dispute resolution
  • Advise US public pool manufacturing company regarding aluminium tariff matters
  • Advising international metals company regarding countervailing duty and anti-dumping investigations concerning aluminium extrusions subject to import from various Asian, Middle Eastern, European, South and Central American countries
  • Advising Canadian insurance company on audit of contratual duty and antidumping issues.
  • Advising an international aero-space service company in connection with the application of EAR and ITAR regulations and prepare CFIUS filing related to the company sale
  • Advising an international coating manufacturing company in connection with a DOJ investigation related to the Iranian sanctions matters
  • Advising publicly listed investment banking institution on the application of U.S.-Cuba sanctions on aircraft and travel
  • Advising European parent company on compliance with U.S from sanctions related to implications for U.S. subsidiary
  • Advising U.S. oil and gas company on the application of U.S. sanctions related to the use of Venezuelan workers
  • Advising international semiconductor company on the application of U.S. export controls and sanctions regulations on its operations in U.S., China, and Taiwan
  • Advising multinational minerals and technology company on implementation issues relating to U.S. sanctions on Iran
  • Assist US technology equipment manufacturer and distributor with the US sanctions compliance with respect to China entities, preparation of the policies, certifications, procedures, contractual arrangement and conducting employees training
  • Assist an international consulting company in connection with its sanctions and export controls due diligence of the engineering and technology company with affiliation in Russia;
  • Assist an international consulting company in connection with its export controls and FCPA due diligence of the international energy services company with headquarter in Nigeria


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