COVID-19: Contracts & Force Majeure

As companies continue to deal with constantly changing circumstances relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will face challenges presented by a wide array of potential business interruptions, including supply chain disruptions in goods and services, as well as delays and cancellations of orders and events. Many businesses will need to evaluate whether to suspend services, curtail or shut down operations, cancel or materially modify the format of events, close stores, or utilize remote capabilities, and consider how to do so in the most strategic way, taking into account the implications and potential consequences of those actions. Such decisions require interpreting specific contract language and applicable law, as well as current statutes and emergency orders, as well as unique industry- and client-specific concerns. Our Business Practices group is equipped to deal with these questions and is keeping abreast of new laws and developments as they emerge. Our team members have deep experience advising on issues arising from event cancellations and disruptions, and we regularly advise clients on interpreting contractual provisions, drafting new agreements, and litigating where necessary. 


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