National Trial Practice

Due to the expense of modern-day litigation, the vast majority of civil lawsuits in the United States resolve before trial. As such, most law firms do not have deep trial experience. Lewis Brisbois is the rare exception. We are proud to have one of the strongest trial benches in the nation.

Our trial lawyers regularly handle the most difficult cases, including those involving wrongful death, traumatic brain injury, police defense, and ones with seven- and eight-figure demands. We have a group of elite trial attorneys who specialize in parachuting in to matters regardless of the stage of litigation or venue, even days before trial. We are proud of our ability to provide the highest level of representation to our clients on short notice.

Among the hundreds of trial lawyers practicing in our offices across the nation, 48 are members of the prestigious American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA), distinguished among their peers by their diverse and extensive trial experience.

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Our ABOTA Members

Josh Cole Aicklen
Jack G. Angaran
Scott C. Bentivenga
John C. Boyden
Karen L. Campbell
Michael G. Descalso
Todd R. Ehrenreich
Donald G. Forgey
Dana A. Fox
Jennine A. Gerrard
Todd A. Gray
Colin P. Hackett
Charles L. Harris
Sean P. Healy
Alice K. Herbolsheimer
Kevin Hermanson
Esther P. Holm
Andrew C. Hubert
Joelle T. Jensen
John T. Jessee
Alan Kaminsky
Jon P. Kardassakis
Gregory S. Katz


Matthew Kleifield
Robert F. Lewis
John Lowenthal
Gregory G. Lynch
Carl F. Mariano
James Molinelli
Marilyn R. Moriarty
Jeffrey A. Mowers
Rick Mueller
John M. Porter
Bryan R. Reid
Alan L. Rupe
Joseph A. Salazar, Jr. 
David B. Shapiro
Anthony Sonnett
Judd Uhl
Peter J. Van Zandt
Brent Vogel
Alecia Walters-Hinds
Kenneth B. Walton
Edward E. Ward, Jr.
James T. Whalen
Tim J. Young