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Changes in workers’ compensation, both in law and economics, have made it imperative to aggressively defend claims. Whether it is the soaring costs of medical treatment, excessively extended periods of temporary total disability, or the liberal awarding of permanent disability, workers’ compensation defense must be proactively managed and litigated. In order to successfully defend claims, it is imperative that the workers’ compensation insurer and third party administrators, in tandem with aggressive and competent counsel, work as a team to defeat claim exposures. The Workers’ Compensation Practice at Lewis Brisbois has been designed to address all needs in this regard.

The attorneys defending workers’ compensation claims represent the defense of third-party administrators, insurance carriers, and employers against the claims of employees. We offer our clients vast experience in all areas of workers’ compensation. Our attorneys are highly skilled in all aspects of discovery and trial work. We have successfully defended against large exposure cases that include fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, psych and stress claims, asbestos claims, along with the more common orthopedic, psych, and internal injury claims.

We are also available to negotiate and litigate liens from claims of doctors and from state disability providers. Further, our attorneys are highly experienced to defend employers against discrimination claims associated with termination and/or reprimand for filing a claim, as well as defending any claims concerning serious and willful misconduct allegations that are raised.

In addition to aggressive and proactive defense of workers’ compensation claims, our attorneys also counsel insurance companies, third-party administrators, and employers in regards to various duties and obligations under the applicable state Labor Codes and Administrative Regulations. Many of our attorneys are certified workers’ compensation specialists, as well as adjunct professors of law and national speakers. In California, yearly workers’ compensation seminars are presented statewide covering all aspects of workers’ compensation law and practice.

Due to the firm’s size and diversity, we can also represent clients defending any companion employment case. This is a substantial advantage for discovery and defending both the workers’ compensation claim and employment case, in that defense can be coordinated with favorable results for our clients while reducing connected costs of defense.­


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