Ukraine Conflict Response

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Ukraine Conflict Response

The Ukraine conflict and the imposition of trade restrictions and sanctions on Russian companies and individuals have generated a host of complex issues for businesses in the United States and abroad.

Time-critical questions that companies are facing include force majeure provisions in contracts, compliance with sanctions and trade restrictions, expedited mergers and acquisitions (and implications of potential nationalizations of facilities), bankruptcies, property seizures, impacts on financial institutions and services, cybersecurity threats and response, and related litigation and alternative dispute resolution. Businesses in the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and other third-party countries are adjusting to rapidly changing circumstances and need expert legal help in assessing and managing their risks.

Lewis Brisbois’ attorneys are experienced, trusted advisors in all the critical legal areas thrust onto center stage by this international crisis. The firm has extensive knowledge of how business and the law work in Ukraine and Russia, including native language speakers, and we are well positioned to advise clients in answering questions that need urgent attention. Lewis Brisbois' national team works with clients in a coordinated, efficient manner to bring the right expertise to bear in solving the problems businesses must deal with now.


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