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Traditional Labor

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has significantly expanded its influence over the American workforce in the last two years, despite the continuous decline in union membership since 1983. This expansion has come at great cost to the unwitting non-union employer surprised by a union organizational effort or facing an NLRB charge of interfering with employee rights protected by Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act. It has also highlighted the unionized employer’s obligation to bargain with its employees’ representative and to respond to a host of union tactics ranging from information requests to actions before the NLRB to even actual or threatened picketing, strikes, and boycotts.

 Lewis Brisbois offers an experienced team of traditional labor practitioners who guide employers through the complexities of the labor-management relationship and help them steer clear of actions with consequences that might negatively impact their ability to compete in their industry for years to come. We understand that circumstances often dictate strategy; we get to know our clients, their businesses, and their goals to craft solutions that are feasible from the boardroom to the front lines of the business. 

Unlike many management-side labor practices, we strive first to identify mutually beneficial and productive resolutions to disputes between labor and management. We only resort to fully adversarial and litigious tactics when it is clearly in the best interest of our clients, and when we do, we leverage the resources and economies of scale of our national firm to provide our clients with strong, cost-effective defenses. We know that a company’s employees are its most valuable asset. The sole focus of our efforts, whether through litigation or cooperation, is to restore and preserve labor peace so that our clients’ focus can remain on preserving their competitive edge.

Our traditional labor attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in dozens of industries from construction, transportation, and engineering, to service, retail, entertainment, and sports. We represent employers in all areas of practice related to the NLRB, including:

  • Representational Campaigns
  • Unfair Labor Practice, Injunctive, and Compliance Proceedings
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Contract Administration
  • Grievance Processing and Adjustment
  • Arbitration
  • Union Awareness Training and Prevention

Our labor team members have been recognized in the past as leaders in their fields by publications such as Super Lawyers and Chambers USA. They frequently share their experience in speaking engagements and presentations, and are long-time contributors to leading treatises in traditional labor law, including The Developing Labor Law, and Discipline and Discharge in Arbitration. Collectively, they have practiced before the NLRB in nearly every region and sub-region.

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