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OSHA Safety & Health

Despite the best efforts and precautions employers take to avoid them, workplace accidents can occur at any time. Even employers who cultivate the safest possible place of employment and exceed local and federal safety regulations must still, on occasion, deal with the tragic reality of workplace accidents. Lewis Brisbois offers a dedicated team of attorneys with particular experience in responding to and contesting OSHA citations, as well as helping employers navigate and comply with the complex standards, regulations, policies, and interpretations promulgated under the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and state OSHAs (such as Cal/OSHA). 

Since contesting OSHA citations lays the burden on the employer to present evidence refuting the agency’s evidence of a violation, ensuring proactive implementation and documentation of safety programs and procedures is an imperative part of mitigating risk and exposure. Our attorneys regularly assess the policies and procedures of our clients, suggesting areas for improvement and identifying vulnerabilities before accidents occur.

When an accident has occurred, the attorneys of Lewis Brisbois’ OSHA Safety & Health Practice offer responsive "first line of defense" services available 24 hours a day in numerous regions of the country, whether the need is for a simple telephone conference to discuss strategy or responding to a catastrophic workplace accident. In these cases we help employers take control of OSHA inspections, ensuring that inspectors are provided with clear and strong evidence of our clients’ safety programs and their commitment to enforcement.

Some of the services provided by our OSHA Safety & Health Practice include:

Providing advice and counsel on federal and state OSHA regulations;

Providing advice and representing clients during OSHA inspections and document demands;

24/7 response to catastrophic workplace accidents;

Representing employers in OSHA litigation and appeals of citations;

Performing assessments and audits to ensure compliance with Federal and State OSHA Regulations;

Preparing or reviewing written safety policies and procedures, such as Injury Illness Prevention Programs and employee handbooks;

Providing training by attorneys certified in OSHA Advanced Safety and Health.


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