Environmental & Administrative Law

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Environmental & Administrative Law

Federal regulatory policy has a tremendous impact on the ability to conduct business. Whether it be compliance with existing laws or anticipating and navigating regulatory changes, our Environmental & Administrative Law Practice helps clients successfully deal with the complex web of federal regulations. 

Our Environmental & Administrative Law team, based in Washington, D.C., brings decades of experience, both inside and outside of the government, to help our clients effectively resolve regulatory challenges. With our deep understanding of the legislative and regulatory process, our lawyers work closely and efficiently with clients to develop effective strategies for reducing regulatory burden, obtaining regulatory approvals, and appealing agency decisions administratively and in the courts. We identify policy trends, educate our clients on how regulations will affect business goals and strategies, provide insights on over the horizon implications, and position clients for successful navigation of the regulatory framework on federal and state levels. We have strong working relationships with key decision makers in the Administration, Executive Agencies, and on Capitol Hill, and our team includes attorneys with leadership positions in federal government. We have successfully organized broad coalitions that collaborate, pooling resources and political capital, to strategically address issues at the national level.

Resolving client matters expediently, responsively, and in a cost-effective manner is our top priority. Our team handles issues arising under the full range of environmental, natural resources, and energy statutes, including environmental review and permitting of complex and often controversial projects, complex science policy matters, and cutting-edge issues. Our clients include corporations and national trade associations engaged in all aspects of environmental and regulatory concerns, and we are happy to provide specific examples and references upon request.   


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