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International Practices

Over the past twenty years technology has shifted cultural perspectives from that of a local orientation to a global orientation. As a result, companies now face the challenge of growing beyond a single country’s borders and finding talented allies worldwide to facilitate this growth. Our firm embraced this phenomenon even before technology triggered the realization in our competitors.

Promoting excellence is one of our core values. Over the years this belief has turned our firm into one of the most ethnically diverse firms in the country, and our proportion of minority partners is nearly double the national average. Because our culture has fostered a diverse group of professionals committed to promoting the best interests of our clients, our communities and the legal profession itself, our attorneys understand that the world we are living in no longer recognizes some of the boundaries their peers accepted as truth. Our attorneys understand that they will need to approach their practices, from transactional and trademark law to admiralty and maritime regulations, with a foreign business’ interests in mind. 

The desire to work with our clients on a cultural and international level springs from our belief that the diversity of the Firm's client base is matched by the diversity of our attorneys. With offices from Los Angeles to New York, our attorneys reflect the communities in which they live. We can provide a network of globally minded and locally astute attorneys who are dedicated to addressing their client’s needs. Our national offices ensure that our clients are well represented in state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States.

For information regarding our international practice groups and the work they do to further the development of businesses as they branch out to the United States, please see the related practice descriptions linked below.

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