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For more than 40 years, Lewis Brisbois has specialized in interpreting insurance contracts and representing insurers in complex coverage claims and extra-contractual litigation. That includes litigating bad faith and declaratory relief suits in state and federal courts, handling arbitrations, acting as monitoring counsel and joining mediations as coverage counsel throughout the United States.

Today, Lewis Brisbois has one of the largest insurance practices in the United States, with more than 100 lawyers specializing in insurance law. As our clients will attest, we have grown to such prominence because first, we provide clear, objective advice regarding our clients’ rights and obligations under their policies and second, if a coverage or claim handling dispute enters litigation, we defend our clients’ positions vigorously, creatively and efficiently.

Our attorneys' experience and knowledge encompass a wide variety of insurance matters including:

  • coverage under general liability, professional liability, homeowners, auto, title, disability, accident and health, life, jeweler’s block, inland marine, multi-peril business and customized (manuscript) policies; 

  • coverage related to intellectual property (including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, licenses and trade secrets) and arising out of “advertising injury” or “personal injury” policy provisions (including defamation, disparagement and invasion of privacy);

  • coverage for employment practices including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, federal Title VII and EEOC, State Fair Employment and Housing Act, employment contract claims and age discrimination claims;

  • coverage related to construction defect litigation, including land subsidence and related problems;

  • coverage disputes arising out of national products liability litigation;

  • coverage issues related to pollution and toxic tort claims (e.g., CERCLA claims by state and local environmental authorities), and claims among private parties;

  • coverage under Directors and Officers policies;

  • coverage related to Errors and Omissions policies, including policies issued to lawyers, accountants, insurance agents and real estate agents;

  • claims involving interpretation of excess and umbrella policies, including “drop down” issues;

  • interpleader actions;

  • fee arbitrations against “independent counsel” selected by insureds; and

  • policy drafting and insurance forms drafting.

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