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Government Relations

The Government Relations Practice at Lewis Brisbois is experienced in developing and implementing effective government relations strategies at the federal, state, and local level. Our attorneys can construct a government relations component for an organization from the ground up, develop lobbying strategies and solutions on specific issues, and support your own lobbying efforts with legal strategies and services designed to achieve your goals.

The Government Relations Group offers services to professional associations, businesses, trade associations, other nonprofit organizations, local governments, political organizations, and individuals.

We strive to help all of our clients succeed through the use of the most cost-efficient methods, whether by enhancing the effectiveness of those who already engage in lobbying and advocacy activities, or introducing clients to legislative and regulatory alternatives which complement more traditional legal approaches.

Lewis Brisbois represents clients before federal agencies and Congress, as well as state and local agencies. The issues presented by administrative agency actions are as varied as the functions of the agencies. Public contract cases can involve anything from bidding rules and minority hiring issues to engineering and environmental issues.

Frequently, our clients are confronted by enforcement actions that deal with complex compliance standards established for each activity subject to licensure or regulation. Our attorneys possess the depth and breadth of knowledge required to provide effective and cost-efficient representation.

From time to time, resolution of complex issues requires legislative direction. Lewis Brisbois' attorneys draft and interpret bill and regulation language, and actively engage with legislators and other elected or appointed officials to tackle issues facing Lewis Brisbois' clients.

Our attorneys will:

  • Assist in developing organizational advocacy component
  • Assist our clients who wish to do business with governmental agencies
  • Lobby on specific legislative or regulatory proposals
  • Assist in building coalitions and supplement clients' existing lobbying capability as needed
  • Strategize on goals, priorities, and alternatives to achieve goals
  • Advise on campaign finance issues
  • Coordinate lobbying, public relations, business, and other legal efforts
  • Lobby, or assist with lobbying, for or against administrative rules, at state agency and legislative levels
  • Defend against administrative enforcement actions brought by state agencies
  • Handle legal challenges to agency administrative actions
  • Manage overall relations with administrative agencies regulating clients
  • Litigate agency administrative actions, including challenges to rulemaking, rule interpretation, or enforcement decisions, and judicial reviews of state agency actions
  • Litigate at all levels in state and federal courts on issues involving legislative or administrative history, intent, or authority


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