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Employment Advice & Counseling

As a long-standing leader representing employers across a wide array of industries, Lewis Brisbois has decades of experience providing employment counseling and practical workplace solutions to clients of all sizes across the country. Whether your organization needs a new employee handbook drafted, existing policies and procedures updated to reflect the most current state of the law, employment contracts and severance agreements prepared, wage/hour audits conducted, or a comprehensive training program presented to your employees, you can trust Lewis Brisbois to provide effective, knowledgeable counsel in all of these areas. We share our clients’ goal of preventing and preempting problems before they result in costly litigation, and we provide guidance to assist clients in avoiding both the courtroom and government investigations.

With a diverse team of attorneys located in offices across the country, Lewis Brisbois can provide counseling solutions tailored to your business’s specific needs in almost any location in the United States. You will benefit from our lawyers’ experience as consultants, litigators, and human resources professionals. Our team includes attorneys who were previously employed as in-house counsel for corporations and regularly addressed the HR and legal needs for their work forces, which gives us a strong base for continuing to provide effective counsel as the need arises for our clients. Our unique national reach enables us to advise multi-state businesses, serving as your guide through the intricacies and variations of labor and employment law in locations throughout the country.

Lewis Brisbois’ Employment Advice & Counseling attorneys are adept at handling the full gamut of issues that arise between employers and employees including those implicating federal, state, and local laws. Our counseling practice provides guidance and practical solutions related to all aspects of the employment relationship, including recruiting and hiring, disciplinary issues, terminations, disability and leave issues, accommodation for religious practices, and reductions in force. We are called upon regularly to assist clients with all of their day-to-day personnel issues. Our attorneys are well-versed in representing clients during state and federal Department of Labor audits. We are also available to prepare responses to charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and state and local civil rights agencies, as well as to provide tailored training on any aspect of employment law that the company may want addressed. Our Employment Advice & Counseling attorneys not only provide a thorough analysis of the legal risks faced by our clients, but do so with an appreciation for the sometimes tough business decisions that must be made to balance legal and operational considerations.

Although our primary goal is to avoid litigation, we understand that sometimes disputes end up in court. Should litigation arise, we can assist with all of your litigation-related needs as well. The majority of our employment attorneys spend much of their time litigating employment matters, always with an eye towards achieving a favorable resolution while remaining cognizant of avoiding protracted and expensive disputes. Because we know how to litigate effectively, we are especially adept at posturing pre-litigation disputes as they arise in a manner that avoids the need to gear up for litigation.


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