COVID-19: Asian Markets

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COVID-19: Asian Markets

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses worldwide, our attorneys remain committed to assisting our clients in the Asian markets with their unique needs. We continue to counsel public and private companies based in Korea, China, and Japan as they navigate the challenges that COVID-19 presents. Our experienced bi-lingual attorneys, who have a deep understanding of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cultures, are able to help bridge the gap between Asian and American legal concepts. They have assisted our Asia-based clients in evaluating pandemic-related issues across a variety of industries, and they continue to work with law firms in Asia on a regular basis.

Throughout the pandemic, our attorneys have advised on how Asia-based businesses may operate in compliance with the ever-changing U.S. Government requirements concerning employment, immigration procedures, and healthcare matters. We have also provided guidance to our Asia-based clients on COVID-19 considerations related to data privacy, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and corporate governance. Our attorneys, who span several offices and U.S. jurisdictions, are prepared to assist our clients in the Asian markets with these and other pandemic-related matters facing their businesses.

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