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Lewis Brisbois’ 2019 Sacramento Employment & Workers’ Compensation Law Seminar

Event Details

Date: August 29, 2019
Time: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Address: Hyatt Regency Sacramento 1209 L Street Sacramento, California 95814
Fee: $75.00 (includes parking, breakfast, lunch, continuing education units and raffle entry)

Lewis Brisbois welcomes all insurance claims/risk managers, workers' compensation administrators, corporate decision makers with responsibility for employee relations – human resource executives and professionals, in-house legal counsel, chief executive officers, and financial executives for a full day of learning and networking. This program will provide a comprehensive overview of the legal aspects of employment and workers' compensation law. You will gain insight on how to effectively manage employment and workers' compensation-related risks and better avoid claim filing and claim fabrication. Receive continuing education credits and enter our raffle for your chance to win some great prizes!



8:30 am 

Registration & Breakfast

9:00 am

Opening Remarks, Frank Cannizzaro, Esq. & Steven Gatley, Esq.

9:15 am

Case Law Update, Manny Flores, Esq. & Natasha Dighe, Esq. 

Presenters will provide a comprehensive review on recent cases that address medical treatment issues, what positions the applicant and defense bar take on these issues and likely judicial responses. The purpose of this session is to provide an approach for clients to address ongoing medical treatment issues, and the best course of action to resolve the issues and bring the case toward resolution. 

10:00 am

Complex Claim Indemnity Issues, Ryan Frazier, Esq. & Steven Bondy, Esq.

Workers’ compensation claims in California can be expensive, but not paying appropriately can be even more expensive. In this presentation, you will learn how to avoid over or underpaying claims, and what your workers’ compensation team can and should be doing to make sure you pay injured workers what they’re entitled to, and only what they’re entitled to. Good indemnity management encourages employee honesty and reduces frivolous claims.

10:45 am


11:00 am

Challenging the Appropriateness of the Applicant's Panel QME, Jonathan Brown, Esq. 

This presentation will focus on challenging the specialty of the State Panel Qualified Medical Evaluators, selected by applicant’s counsel. We have seen a trend towards applicant’s attorneys selecting panels in specialties that are not appropriate for evaluating applicants in certain scenarios, which is done to increase exposure. Specifically, chiropractors or pain management doctors are selected when an orthopedist or occupational medicine specialist would be more appropriate. Questions that will be answered include, 1) Why challenge the panel specialty/ What is the advantage? 2) Who has the legal right to select the panel specialty? 3) What is the administrative procedure for challenging a panel specialty? 4) What is the procedure for challenging the DWC Medical Unit determination in the WCAB? We will also provide effective tips, strategies, and things to look for when making these challenges, which will help defendants reduce exposure.

11:30 am

The Dynamex Case and the Independent Contractor in Workers’ Compensation: Where Do We Stand? Jill Grathwohl, Esq. 

This presentation focuses on the state of law in workers’ compensation relative to the successful finding of independent contractor status to escape liability for workers’ compensation claims.

12:15 pm


12:45 pm

Understanding Leaves of Absence Rules Under California & Federal Laws, Marcus Lee, Esq. 

This presentation will be about leave laws and why they are difficult to understand and even more confusing to implement correctly. Employers grapple with how to deal with sick, pregnant and injured employees constantly. They also have to be concerned when employees want time off to take care of sick love ones. Which leave applies to my company? Is there more than one leave my employees may be entitled to? In this informative presentation we will go through and explain the various leave laws. We will discuss the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and its counterpart the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). We will also discuss leave requirements under the American with Disability Act (ADA). We will explain the requirements of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and how to navigate the Interactive Process. Also cover will be California Pregnancy Disability Leave and new leaves such as required Sick Pay and the New Parent Leave Act. 

1:30 pm

Defending Against Wage & Hour Liability, Joe Lordan, Esq. 

This is our most popular topic. And it is not surprising because we discuss best ways employers can avoid the myriad of pitfalls that they face how to properly compensate employees. In this informative and practical seminar topic we will discuss such things as rounding policies, meal and rest breaks under the Brinker decision, and how to pay commission employees. We will also cover on-duty pay following the Augustus case overtime, off-the- clock work and bonuses. We will also show you how their employers can cause huge liability by not having the correct items on your paystubs. We will discuss how to properly classify your employees. And finally, we will discuss the alarming rise of litigation involving the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA).

2:15 pm


2:30 pm

2019 Legislative & Compliance Update, Sumy Kim, Esq. & Allison Shrallow, Esq. 

Employment laws are constantly changing. Every year there are important new cases that impact employers. Employers need to keep up to date so they can comply and avoid exposure. In this informative seminar we will provide you with the newest laws for 2019 and cases from 2018 that we think will affect employers. We will provide you with best practices and policies and how to implement them. We will also discuss updating your handbooks and arbitration agreements.

3:15 pm

Raffle and Concluding Remarks


*Speakers and topics subject to change without notice.

This program will be eligible for 5 hours MCLE, CEU and HRCI certification.





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