UPDATE: ITC Opens Investigation into Anticompetitive Practices

Last month, Lewis Brisbois attorneys convinced the International Trade Commission (ITC) to open an investigation into anticompetitive conduct on behalf of our client, Radwell International Inc. This case continues to garner significant attention and an analysis piece in Law360 today broke down the consequences of the probe and why Radwell’s complaint succeeded before the ITC when other, similar antitrust matters have failed to be heard by the commission. The article suggests that our client’s favorable outcome may have far-reaching impact on the future of antitrust matters before the ITC, observing, “this much is certain, however: for those interested in the intersection of antitrust and trade issues, [this] will be a case to watch.”

Radwell is represented by Los Angeles Partner Dan DeCarlo, Denver Partners Todd Seelman, John Parks, Christopher Wood, Alyssa Watzman, and Denver Associates Robin Alexander and Julie Keersmaekers. It is also represented by Deanna Tanner Okun, Jonathan Engler, Daniel Smith, and Asha Allam of Adducci Mastriani & Schaumberg LLP in Washington D.C.

Read our original coverage of the ITC decision here and the complete Law360 analysis of the probe here (subscription required).

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