Lindsay Nickle Quoted by Advisen in COVID-19 Cyberattack Response Article

Dallas, Texas (April 3, 2020) – Dallas Partner Lindsay B. Nickle was recently quoted in an Advisen Cyber FPN article titled “Cyber In The Time Of COVID-19: Will Cyber Claims Response See An Impact?” The article discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the types of cyberattacks that are occurring, as well as the manner in which businesses are responding.

According to Ms. Nickle, who is a vice-chair of Lewis Brisbois’ Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice, cybercriminals view the current pandemic as an opportunity to take advantage of organizations that are particularly vulnerable. She told Advisen, “Cybercriminals, who are smarter than a lot of people give them credit for, are capitalizing on the pandemic.” She explained that in addition to cyberattacks taking place within the healthcare industry, there has been a “notable” increase in cyberattacks on school districts, many of which are closed until at least May. Ms. Nickle described this increase as being “above and beyond” the already high volume of attacks against school districts that took place in 2019. She believes that the increase appears to be deliberate, as if cybercriminals are thinking, “Let’s hit them while they’re desperate because they’re more likely to pay.” 

Ms. Nickle further explained that while she has seen fewer cybercrime claims overall recently, the nature of the claims that she does see is striking. “We’ve seen a slowdown in claims, but the ones that are coming in are critical – it’s schools and healthcare,” she said. 

Moreover, experts report that cyberattacks, which would typically be identified and remedied quickly, have been going unnoticed for longer periods of time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Nickle pointed out that these delayed responses are understandable. She commented, “We’re human beings, we have limits on the number of crises we can handle at one time.” 

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