Lewis Brisbois to Participate in Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification Process

Los Angeles, Calif. (June 28, 2021) – Lewis Brisbois is pleased to announce that it will be participating in the Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification process, administered by Diversity Lab, which launches on July 15, 2021.

Since its inception five years ago, the goal of the Mansfield Rule has been to boost the representation of historically underrepresented lawyers in law firm leadership. Accordingly, to achieve Mansfield Certification, law firms must demonstrate that they have affirmatively considered at least 30% women, lawyers from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ lawyers, and lawyers with disabilities for top leadership roles, promotion into equity partnership, senior-level lateral hiring, and participation in client pitch meetings.

In addition, to achieve Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification this year, law firms will need to meet additional requirements. For example, they will be required to measure their candidate pools in a disaggregated manner such that they will be tracking the impact of the Mansfield Rule by each underrepresented group, and must include an option for Middle Eastern/Northern African identity. Moreover, the firms will need to consider at least 30% underrepresented lawyers for nominations to Chambers USA as well as 30% underrepresented individuals when hiring and promoting C-level or other senior-level professional staff roles. The required Mansfield Rule Certification parameters are measured twice yearly through a data collection process and structured check-in meetings.

Chief Diversity Partner Rima M. Badawiya expressed her resolve and commitment regarding Lewis Brisbois' participation in the certification process, noting, "Seeking the Mansfield Rule 5.0 Certification is yet another step that the firm is taking to formalize its efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion – values that we have always prioritized at Lewis Brisbois. We look forward to participating in this process and achieving this important certification."

Lewis Brisbois is among the more than 160 large law firms in the United States and Canada, including 47 new firms, that will be participating in the certification process this year.

Learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lewis Brisbois here. Learn more about Diversity Labs here.

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