Francis Pileggi Speaks With Epoch Times About Upcoming Twitter-Musk Trial

Wilmington, Del. (July 28, 2022) - Wilmington Managing Partner Francis G.X. Pileggi recently spoke with the Epoch Times for an article titled, “4 Potential Outcomes of the Twitter Versus Musk Trial,” which discusses how the Twitter-Musk dispute may unfold and the implications of the current uncertainty surrounding the case.

As the article describes, after Elon Musk attempted to terminate his $44 billion agreement to acquire Twitter, based upon Twitter’s alleged misrepresentation of the number of fake accounts (i.e., “bots”) on the social media platform, Twitter sued Mr. Musk. The Delaware Court of Chancery has set an expedited five-day trial of this case for October.

In discussing the potential developments and outcomes that could occur in the dispute, Mr. Pileggi told the Epoch Times that the court could determine that Mr. Musk is justified in terminating the agreement to purchase Twitter. He explained, “Just to give you a hypothetical: If it turns out that instead of 5 percent, it’s 45 percent, or 50 percent of all accounts are bots, that would be a game-changer.” Mr. Pileggi also described that the court could require Mr. Musk to finish the transaction, or instead, to pay monetary damages to compensate Twitter for any losses it has suffered. “Whenever you go to court, almost anything is possible,” Mr. Pileggi noted, adding that the parties likely will reach a settlement.

Mr. Pileggi, who recently spoke with the news media regarding the Twitter-Musk dispute, including participating in a video interview with Reuters, is a member of Lewis Brisbois’ Complex Business & Commercial Litigation Practice. He focuses primarily on high-stakes disputes of corporations, stockholders, members of boards of directors, members and managers of LLCs, and those with managerial or ownership interests in other forms of entities. In addition, since 2004, Mr. Pileggi has also maintained the Delaware Corporate & Commercial Litigation Blog, at, in which he analyzes key corporate and commercial decisions from Delaware's Supreme Court and Court of Chancery.

Read the full Epoch Times article here (subscription may be required).

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