Christopher Ballod Quoted by Legaltech News on Big Tech Self-Regulation

Philadelphia, Pa. (October 1, 2019) – Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Partner Christopher E. Ballod was recently quoted by Legaltech news for its article “Facing Legislation, Tech Companies Are Rolling the Dice with Self-Regulation,” which reported on recent actions taken by social media and other major tech companies to keep ahead of regulators.

Mr. Ballod explained to Legaltech news that this self-regulation was a response to public backlash that could potentially lead to more regulation, pushing companies to act first.

“I don’t think it’s too hard for [tech companies] to stay ahead of the laws because if they can come up with a solution and the problem dies down, I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of political will,” said. Mr. Ballod.

However, Mr. Ballod told Legaltech news that he is certain no company will be able to stop “the onslaught of privacy laws” on the horizon.

Mr. Ballod also discussed net neutrality, opining that a change in political administration could put the issue back on the table, which could lead to more self-regulation and Big Tech collaboration with regulators to best determine how users are able to use the internet.

“I think industry will probably propose initiatives that can address some of those concerns, and again it could be very welcome to avoid some of thornier issues of over-regulation,” he said.

Mr. Ballod is a partner in Lewis Brisbois’ Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offices. He is a regular contributor to the firm’s Data Privacy & Cybersecurity blog, Digital Insights, and a frequent commenter on the intersection of social media, cybersecurity, and the law.

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