Brantley Rowlen & Kate Cappelman Listed in CVN’s Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts

Savannah, Ga. (January 17, 2020) – Savannah Managing Partner Brantley Rowlen and Associate Kate Cappelmann were recently listed in Courtroom View Network’s “Top 10 Most Impressive Defense Verdicts of 2019,” for their victory in a trip-and-fall-case involving a patron at an Atlanta-area jazz club.

The plaintiff claimed she fell after stumbling against steps while taking her seat in the jazz club leaving her with serious back and hip injuries.

Her attorney sought $2 million in damages, however, the defense successfully argued the nightclub wasn’t negligent and the steps presented an open and obvious risk that the plaintiff should’ve been aware of, highlighting proactive measures the club took like marking the steps with reflective tape and installing additional lighting. The jurors cleared the jazz club of fault. Atlanta Associate Michael Denney also worked on the matter with Mr. Rowlen and Ms. Cappelmann.

The facts of each case, the parties and attorneys involved, and the potential broader impact of the verdicts are all considered in the rankings of this article.

You can learn more about this case in our preview post here.

Read CVN’s complete list here and view a video of their trial here.

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