In Memoriam, Jeffrey Limmer

In Memoriam
Jeffrey Limmer

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the untimely passing of our colleague and friend, Jeffrey Limmer, a respected member of Lewis Brisbois’ Houston office and General Liability Practice. Jeff was a zealous advocate for his clients as well as a warm, loyal, and generous member of the Lewis Brisbois family.

Born on October 11, 1977, Jeff was an accomplished athlete. He graduated from Memorial High School where he was a star varsity quarterback and outfielder for the Memorial Mustangs. Jeff earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and his law degree from South Texas College of Law. Beginning his legal career as a landman, he later joined Lewis Brisbois and focused on personal injury defense and first-party insurance coverage. Outside of his practice, Jeff loved hunting, fishing, skiing, biking, and running. He was also passionate about music and live performances, as well as his rescue dog, Lola.

Houston Partner Joelle Nelson described, “Jeff is and always will be one of my favorite people. He was a gentle giant and I loved that about him. I cannot recall a single time when he did not offer to jump in and help, stop a conversation mid-sentence to offer a sincere compliment, or simply take the time to check in and confirm all was well. Knowing you were doing well, your family, or even work brought immediate joy to his face regardless of what was going on in his own. May we remember always that our love for Jeff cannot be taken from us. In our shared reflections and in our affirmations, his immortality is assured. He abides in the hallowed chambers of our memories, in the character of our living, and in our hearts forever. Jeff was a bright light to all that knew him and someone we will miss and remember forever.”

Houston Office Administrator and Regional Recruiter Kristi Kraeger noted, “Jeff was such a gentle, kind-hearted individual. I cannot recall a time when he ever seemed stressed as he would always walk the halls so proudly, in his slow and suave stride, and with a look on his face as if all was right in his world.” She further described the warm way that Jeff welcomed new employees. “He would always ask where they came from and which school they attended. If someone was a graduate of the University of Texas, you could bet Jeff was going to give them the ‘Hook ‘em Horns’ hand sign,” adding, “The Houston office employees are truly a family but with Jeff’s passing, the emotions that we have all shared and experienced together will forever live in my memory, as will Jeff.  He was more than just a colleague or co-worker. Jeff was a friend … to everyone.”

Houston Associate Audrey Ramirez described, “Jeff was truly remarkable and he has left a void in the Houston office. He was my office neighbor since I started at the firm nearly three years ago and we spoke every day. Jeff stood out for all the right reasons. Although he towered over me and everyone else in our office, he was the epitome of a gentle giant – with a voice and manner that was both calming and confident. When he spoke, everyone listened. We are so proud that he stood up for someone who was being harassed and bullied. All of us hope that in the same situation, we would do the same. On that horrible night, Jeff answered the call. He saw something and said something. Jeff was a hero. I am grateful to have crossed paths with him and will cherish our memories. I miss him tremendously.”

Houston Associate Anthony Cruz noted, “Jeff was a member of my team since I started with the firm. Although I was intimidated by him and the rest of the team when I started, Jeff quickly welcomed me to the team and never got tired of my many, many questions! We got to a point where we were asking each other questions as colleagues. Jeff even took joy in scaring me around the office and making me drop my tea. May he Rest in Peace.”

Houston Associate Arian Khorrami described, “I have been fortunate to get to know Jeff from the early days of my career and during my time at Lewis Brisbois. I am even more fortunate that he became a friend of mine. I know others in our office can say the same, as Jeff could strike up a conversation with any person and immediately make them feel like they are talking to an old friend. We will greatly miss him and I am forever thankful our friendship.”

We are grateful to have known and worked with Jeff, and we will miss him greatly.

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