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The realm of Intellectual Property and Technology law can be tough to keep up with. The 10 millionth US patent was issued in June 2018. Valuable IP and strong branding are coveted business assets for both established and start-up companies, nationally and internationally. In recent years, the amount of IP and patent litigation has soared, and the rapid pace of technological development will only see these cases increase as companies seek to protect and defend their creative assets.

But what trends can be gleaned from new cases, rules, and decisions, and what strategies can your business use to leverage the latest developments in this area of the law to its advantage? At Lewis Brisbois, we want to help you separate the signal from the noise, which is why we’re introducing this new blog.

Through this channel, our team of skilled IP & Technology lawyers will bring their expertise to bear on the tech and IP issues of the week, providing fresh insights and unique perspectives on the hottest trends in the industry in digestible blog posts.

The IP&T Editorial Board (listed below), supported by our nationwide network of experienced attorneys, wants to keep you informed so you can make the best decision for you and your business. We encourage you to regularly visit this blog and sign up for email alerts so you know when a new post has gone up.

This week, we will be featuring a series of retrospectives covering some notable developments in IP and tech law from the past year, and identifying trends to be aware of as we enter 2019. We hope you find these posts informative and useful.

Feel free to reach out to anyone on our Editorial Board if you have questions or suggestions for post topics. If you need further information or advice on IP and tech-related issues, visit our Intellectual Property & Technology Practice page to find an attorney in your area.

Thanks for checking out the new blog! We hope to see you back here soon.

The IP&T Blog Editorial Board

Managing Editors:

  • Joshua D. Curry
  • Tripp Lake  

Patent Lit:

  • Brian G. Arnold
  • Joshua D. Curry
  • Ian R. Walsworth


  • Jill Anderfuren
  • Daniel C. DeCarlo
  • Jeffrey Kass

Patent Pros:

  • Geoffrey Lottenberg
  • Craig W. Mueller

Trade Secrets:

  • Leiza Dolghih


  • Joshua D. Curry
  • Alyssa K. Sandrowitz


  • Bryan P. Sugar
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